Housetraining Your New Pup

Dogs are undoubtedly man’s best friend. While they can bring limitless excitement and joy into our lives, it is essential to maintain discipline for both yours and your furry friend’s sake. To save yourself the hassle of finding that your new pet has relieved himself/herself wherever they felt like, it’s important to toilet train them. There are mainly two options to keep yourself from discovering little (or big) surprises around your home:1. Outdoor toilet training

If you have a lawn that is easily accessible for your puppy then it is important to train your puppy from the very start to go outside and take care of business. Make sure that you have allocated a special area for your puppy otherwise your puppy may consider your entire yard to be his/her toilet. Making sure that your puppy understands that there is a designated area to be used will save you a lot of time and energy.

2. Indoor Toilet Training

If you don’t have a garden or you’re worried about your garden having hazardous things that you puppy might ingest, you can opt for investing in a dog toilet tray. Indoor toilet training will also undoubtedly be a perfect choice if your pet will be inside while you’re away and your hectic schedule will make it difficult for your pet to go outside. It is of no use if you get your pet toilet trained to go outside when still a pup but once he/she grows up is not able to make use of that training because the garden is inaccessible.

Even if your pet will have full access to your garden at all times, a dog toilet is especially useful during those rainy months where the ground is constantly muddy. One of the benefits of toilet training is getting to keep a clean house, but that whole concept is lost if you end up having muddy paw prints all over your floor. So even if your pet is trained to go outside, it will be useful to have this toilet for your pet as a second option.

It is important to keep in mind that your puppy would have a few accidents; this is completely normal. In such instances it would not do any good to scold or punish your furry friend. Just make sure that you are more vigilant of your puppy’s schedule and keep a closer watch to prevent any more accidents. Consistency, patience and commitment throughout the process of training your pup will keep you both happy and establish a great relationship with your pet in the long run. Check out more about cat litter tray here.

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