How To Make Your Home ‘Kids-Safe’?

Are you newlyweds expecting your first child, who just moved into your dream house? Naturally you must be having hundreds of safety concerns. Choosing and painting the nursery is the least of your problems. You are expected to be prepared for the natural curiosity of any generally healthy child as it grows: the child may start playing with sharp utensils/equipment, or it could start chewing various things, or it may simply start poking fingers inside the nearest socket on the living room wall. As a prospective parent you need to be cautious, and make a conscious effort in maintaining your household so as to make it kids-friendly; after all it might not be just your kid who is in danger. Therefore, think ahead, start planning, look to advice, seek professional assistance, and make an effort to welcome your newest family member to a warm, loving, and safe home.

What not to do?Keep the kitchen utensils out of the child’s reach at all times (you need to be extra careful with stoves and ovens), keep the bathroom relatively dry, check for damp walls with a certain regularity, make a sizeable effort to cover the sharp edges/surfaces, seal the sockets and plug points when not in use (so the child cannot accidently shove a finger or a toe inside when it is at play), and most importantly if any area of the house is in need of electrical repairs, please see to it that they are been expediently taken care of. Most of us ignore the minor leaks and settle for temporary patch-ups. This could do more harm than we may care to anticipate. So don’t settle for the temporary solution. Your kid is at risk here. Go that extra length to hire a professional to do the dryer repairs Sydney CBD if your own skills are limited or otherwise inadequate.

What’s next?Now that you have gone that extra mile to danger-proof your home, what is the next move? The next move is to maintain the standard of safety that you have set until the child is ready to consciously decide for itself the dangerous nature of the aforementioned. You should be the judge of this: it is left to you, as parents, to identify the early signs of recognition and understanding and nurture these qualities in a way that makes your child both eager to experiment and cautious enough to stay clear of undue risks. You should be very careful at this point so as to not to brandish a negative response to every activity that the child sets itself to do, since it could be psychologically damaging: nurture the kid’s sense of wonder, appreciate it and applaud the kid’s effort within reason.

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