Parents And Their Children- Their Bonding And Relationship

Today’s parents do not get the quality time to spend with their children. And this is the main reason behind a big gap between the children and their parents. They do not have the time as well as the energy, after the whole day, to sit together and have some talk. And as the children grow, they tend to get away from their parents, because it gets too late to match their thinking wavelength. By then both have created their own different world. So, how will you work on yourselves? How will you prevent this from happening? Here are some of the tips to help you in this case.

• Since both the parents do not get time to spend with their kids, fix a particular time in the whole day when you all can sit together and have some conversation. The best time is the dinner time. Make a rule that you all will have dinner together and not in their respective rooms. This is the first step to reduce the gap. During this dinner time, discuss with each other about your day, how you spent it, what you did, and so on. It is important to strike some conversation. That will make your children realize that you, as parents do exist for them, and on your part, you will also come to know what is happening in your child’s life.

 If your child has got some hobby, be a part of it. If not, at least support and encourage them. If they love painting, then join them, no matter how bad you are at it; at least be by their side. Or you can even gift them arts and crafts kits which they would surely love. If they love cricket, or any outdoor games, give them a surprise visit at their training ground. Talk with their trainer about their performance. In that way you will get the scope to see whether they have any future in it. They will also be happy.

 We all love gifts, and when we get surprise gifts, it all becomes more exciting. To keep the bonding strong, start the process of gifting. Gift whatever your child loves- arts and crafts kits, cricket set, whatever they are in love with. it could even be painting with numbers

 Keep the weekends for your kids only. Party with them, you can arrange any house party with your family and friends. That will actually help you to make your bonding strong with everyone, not only your kids. Your children will also learn to maintain and value relationships when they will see their parents doing the same.